Availability of Services

Notice: We have now reached our contracted quota of clients, therefore we are unable to accept any more referrals until further notice. Please speak to your GP if you would like to access Psychotherapy or Counselling. There  a range of organisations offering Talking Therapies in Islington, including iCope (www.icope.nhs.uk).

We apologise for not being able to meet demand and are continually looking for sources of funding to increase our capacity.

Where possible the Maya Centre will provide counselling in a client’s mother-tongue and we have a number of multi-lingual counsellors on our staff team.

However, at this time we are working to capacity for non-English speaking places and there may be a long wait.

Therefore at the present time, if the client will not be able to manage her counselling in English, we advise referrers to seek an alternative service if at all possible, or try again in three months to see if the situation has changed.


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“I am changing and becoming more assertive and start looking after my needs; I do appreciate your work.”talk enables change




Referral line: 020 7272 0995

General line: 020 7281 8970

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