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Latest Report on ‘End of counselling’ questionnaires

Questionnaires were sent out to women who completed a course of counselling here at the Maya Centre. 23 were returned, a 35% response rate. 83% of respondents said their counsellor helped them to think. 100% said their counsellor listened to them. 91% said their counsellor took them seriously, and 83% said their counsellor understood their culture. 78% thought the Centre was welcoming, 87% said it was comfortable, 78% said it was private and 78% said it was well organised. Clients were asked how they were feeling now on a scale of 1-10, 22% of respondents said they were feeling good, 57% felt average, while three respondents said she felt bad, and two did not answer.

Counselling here was helpful because:

“I have always denied that I needed help with my life until I nearly killed myself. This is when I realised I needed help. Coming here to this centre has been a step forward in the right direction.”

“I have managed to find some time to think about my behaviour and feelings and their relationship. Thank you so much without your help I would never have entered counselling. I now realise and understand its importance. I am a nicer person to my children. I am able to accept that I cannot change their father and I am more accepting of him! I have learnt that I am responsible for my actions. Thank you!”

“It has helped me to restore my confidence. This group gave me confidence and felt comfortable. I have shared my problems, which helped me to solve my problems.”

“My counsellor listened to me and gave me some good, wise advice, she made me realise I’m as good as the next person, which I’d never thought before.”

“I confronted my past and dealt with some past issues that have caused me a great deal of pain.”

“Making decisions to improve my family life with other relatives. Learning to forgive and build on relationships. Determined to achieve my goals regarding my ambitions becoming a successful business woman in the near future.”

What did they find difficult about coming here?

“Coming to the centre was difficult at first, I don’t trust a lot of people and trying to talk about my abuse as a child is really difficult”

“There was no problem. I liked it. I wanted to as you to carry on the group, as hearing other’s problem made mine seem a little lighter.”

“I could not trust anyone. I was feeling very weak therefore I found it very difficult to accept that I have a problem. Thank you for your great service.”

“Lack of confidence on the streets.”

“Talking to someone, particularly a stranger (at first) about my feelings and emotions. This has been a really positive experience and coming from someone who hated the idea of coming here in the first place that’s a big improvement!”

“Talking about things that had been locked away that were painful and upsetting. Also, having to overcome panic about leaving my house some weeks; because I really wanted to feel better and was totally sick of my life.”

“I found it difficult to open up about childhood memories, as most of them were too painful to recall. My fears, worries and concerns about my past behaviour were difficult to disclose.”

“At first I felt like a total loser that I needed counselling but now I’m proud of myself that I asked for help when I needed it.”

“All the breaks from sessions e.g. when there was no crèche in new building, holidays, sickness etc.”

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