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What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP)? Dance movement psychotherapy is a creative therapy that uses movement to offer the opportunity to work through your emotional difficulties, develop your strengths, and express yourself. It is based on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking and feeling. How can it help me? Sometimes you may find it hard to find the words to express difficult thoughts and feelings. In the dance movement psychotherapy the therapist will help you to communicate and express yourself through using movement. You will also have the opportunity to share in words what you have experienced. Dance movement psychotherapy may help you

  • to understand your feelings and behaviour
  • to reduce tensions, diminish depression and increase energy
  • learn to understand non-verbal communication
  • to increase your self-awareness and self-esteem
  •  to cope with mental distress and difficulties with body image
  •  to gain physical and emotional control after a physical trauma
  • deepen your connection of body & mind

What do I have to do in a dance movement psychotherapy session? The session will often begin with a few minutes of checking-in to share how we are feeling, followed by a warm up to get the body moving. After warm up we will move on to the more free part of the session where, in addition to using music we may use props to creatively process our feelings and thoughts. In the end there is time for talking about how the movement felt and how it helps us to understand ourselves. Moving throughout the session is an option rather a requirement. The therapy space will offer a safe space for self-exploration of actions, feelings and thoughts through sitting, breathing or moving. Attending the sessions regularly is important to get the best out of the therapy. Sometimes this may not be easy so the therapists will help you find ways to make sure you can attend. But I have no experience in dance… Don’t worry. You do not need to be especially fit and you do not require any previous dance experience or skills to attend. All you need is an interest in exploring how movement can transform and integrate body and mind. You will not be taught a particular type of dance technique or join in with any movements, which might not suit you. Information Curious? Contact us for more information Tel: 02072720995

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