Psychoeducational Workshop

Our Psychoeducational workshop starts 18th February 2015 The workshop is made up of 8 weekly group sessions combining mind-body learning and processing. Covering weekly themes such as the Unconscious,Trauma and Assertiveness. The workshop is designed to assist with: • Depression, anxiety, anger or low self-esteem • Difficulties or conflict in your relationships • Curiosity about yourself and the want to understand yourself better • Discovering ways to manage your problems and look after yourself For more information please see flyer Starts: Wed 18th February 2015 Time: 10.00 a.m – 12.30 p.m... read more

New Chair Patron and of the Maya Centre

   New Chair – Trustee Rebbecca Harrington The Maya Centre has elected Rebecca Harrington from amongst its trustees to take on the role of Chair from January 2015. Rebecca has extensive experience in senior leadership roles in social care and health services, and has been a trustee since 2013. Sue Kon and Claire McElwee have been sharing the role for the past year, and Sue, an experienced psychotherapist, will continue as deputy chair with a lead role in the clinical leadership of the Centre’s work. Rebecca says: ‘ I’ve been really impressed by the high quality of the services provided by The Maya Centre. There is tremendous commitment amongst the counsellors, support staff, management, trustees and patrons who together make it possible for some of the most vulnerable women in North London to benefit from good quality psychological support. Its not an easy time for small voluntary sector organisations, but The Maya Centre has been here for 30 years and is developing and adapting to meet our clients’ needs efficiently and effectively. There is a great team here. I’m delighted to be asked to Chair the organisation, and will do whatever I can to support our work to help abused and deprived women to take back control in their lives and to thrive.’   New Patron – Author Jill Dawson We are delighted to announce that Jill Dawson will be joining Jeremy Corbyn MP and Melissa Benn as our new Patron. Jill Dawson is an award-winning poet and novelist, author of eight novels including Fred and Edie (which was short-listed for the Orange and Whitbread prizes) and The Great Lover,... read more

Dance Movement Psychotherapy

  What is Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP)? Dance movement psychotherapy is a creative therapy that uses movement to offer the opportunity to work through your emotional difficulties, develop your strengths, and express yourself. It is based on the principle that movement reflects an individual’s patterns of thinking and feeling. How can it help me? Sometimes you may find it hard to find the words to express difficult thoughts and feelings. In the dance movement psychotherapy the therapist will help you to communicate and express yourself through using movement. You will also have the opportunity to share in words what you have experienced. Dance movement psychotherapy may help you • to understand your feelings and behaviour • to reduce tensions, diminish depression and increase energy • learn to understand non-verbal communication • to increase your self-awareness and self-esteem • to cope with mental distress and difficulties with body image • to gain physical and emotional control after a physical trauma • deepen your connection of body & mind What do I have to do in a dance movement psychotherapy session? The session will often begin with a few minutes of checking-in to share how we are feeling, followed by a warm up to get the body moving. After warm up we will move on to the more free part of the session where, in addition to using music we may use props to creatively process our feelings and thoughts. In the end there is time for talking about how the movement felt and how it helps us to understand ourselves. Moving throughout the session is an option rather a requirement.... read more

Exploring Self Through Creativity – An Exhibition

This is a group exhibition of work created in a 12 week workshop for women at the Maya Centre called ‘Discovering Self Through Creativity’. Venue: The Maya Centre Address: Unit 8, 9-15 Elthorne Road, N19 4AJ Dates: Thursday 30th Oct Opening times: 7-8pm Artist’s Statement:  This is a group exhibition of work created in a 12 week workshop for women at the Maya Centre called ‘Discovering Self Through Creativity’. The work reflects the women’s personal journey through some particularly difficult life experiences. Many of the women have had no previous art experience. The women choose to remain... read more

Thirty Years of the Maya Centre

Thirty years of The Maya Centre! We celebrated our 30th Anniversary on World Mental Health Day, Friday 10th October 2014 with an inspiring evening of energy, emotion, entertainment and thought, culminating in a renewed determination to support women to overcome the impact of abuse, for as long as it takes! We had food, wine, balloons and a buzzing crowd of women and men celebrating with pride the achievement of thirty years of commitment to providing long term counselling for women who have limited resources. The Freeword Centre was a fitting location for our birthday ‘Talk Enables Change’ event. Putting into words the abuse which women experience is a critical step in challenging and overcoming its impact on women’s lives. The Maya Centre enables women to speak, freely. In a packed auditorium, Indigo Williams’ poetry moved us deeply. Here is a talented young woman whose eloquence can go with you into trauma and and be with you as you fight your way out again. Inspirational. Look out for her first pamphlet publication. Jill Dawson has thought deeply on her own experiences and created many authentic and entertaining works of fiction. Her reading from ‘Lucky Bunny’ gave us a flavour of her talent, and how she can validate the real experiences of so many women in novels which reach out to a wide audience. Director of The Maya Centre, Jo Ansell, reminded us that The Maya Centre is still there for women on the margins, ensuring those with the least resources are getting the best service. The opportunity for a long term relationship with a counsellor is at the heart of... read more

Maya Centre AGM 2014

 Maya Centre AGM 2014 The Maya Centre will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday the 17th of September at 6.30pm. After election of Trustees and a summary of our year, guests Leyla Hussein and Eleanor Tomlinson from the Manor Gardens Health Advocacy Project will speak about their work and campaign on raising awareness of FGM. Please click image for more... read more
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“I was able to get a lot of hurt out. I feel I know myself better. I will always be grateful for counselling.”talk enables change




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