What happens first?

Before starting counselling you will be offered an initial appointment to discuss your request for counselling. This is called an assessment. During this assessment you will be given an opportunity to talk about the reason you are seeking counselling and any difficulties you may be experiencing in your life. This session is slightly different from counselling in that the counsellor may ask more questions. The counsellor that you meet at the assessment may not be the person you see for counselling. The assessment is important. It will help us to understand what form of counselling is appropriate for you and whether you need a referral somewhere else. If the counsellor believes that your needs will be met best within another organisation or with another form of support, she will help you find it. The counselling services at The Maya Centre include both individual and group support.


Most people will be seen at the Maya Centre itself. However, we are upstairs and so if you cannot manage stairs we will arrange to see you nearby in Manor Gardens.

Starting counselling

You may find counselling uncomfortable to start with as it is different from other relationships and it may take a while to get used to it. Or you may feel anxious talking about yourself. This is quite normal and it will be helpful to talk to your counsellor if this happens. How you feel is an important part of you counselling relationship.

How long and how often?

Your counsellor will offer a 50-minute appointment at a regular time once a week. The number of sessions we offer varies, it may be up to one year. Your counsellor will confirm this as well as any other practical arrangements at your first appointment.


There will usually be breaks at Christmas, Easter and during the summer and occasionally at other times. You will be given as much notice of these as possible.

Changing or cancelling appointments

It is important for you to attend all of your counselling sessions and to let your counsellor know in advance if you need to cancel any.

It is rare that your counsellor will need to change or cancel an appointment but at such times wherever possible she will do all she can to give you a minimum of 24 hours notice.

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“I was able to get a lot of hurt out. I feel I know myself better. I will always be grateful for counselling.”talk enables change




Referral line: 020 7272 0995

General line: 020 7281 8970

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