Simone de Beauvoir: Where Are We Now? Fundraiser 

We are delighted to once again have the support of the The Literary  Consultancy and the Freeword Centre, who will be hosting Maya Centre’s next fundraiser on the 1st of December at 6pm!
Recently screened at the Bristol Festival of Ideas to a sell-out audience,  Imogen Sutton’s prize-winning documentary Daughters of de Beauvoir(BBC/Arts Council 1989) which interweaves the life of feminist icon Simone de Beauvoir with those of the women she influenced – in particular through her seminal book The Second Sex. As well as archive footage of de Beauvoir with Jean-Paul Sartre, the film includes exclusive interviews with writers Kate Millett, Anne Oakley, Angie Pegg and Marge Piercy.

Following the screening, our Patron, Melissa Benn, will chair Imogen Sutton, Anne Oakley, Angie Pegg and Margaret Drabble to discuss what Simone de Beauvoir’s writing means today.

Ticket-donations for this event go directly toward supporting our essential work in providing long term counselling and psychological support to vulnerable women in Islington.

Date: 1st December
Time: 6pm – 8:45pm
Venue: Freeword Centre

Entry Ticket donation options 

Donation 1 :£35.00
Donation 2 :£50.00
Donation 3 :£75.00
Donation 4 :£100.00

You can purchase tickets via the Freeword Centre website >


Margaret Drabble is a novelist, biographer and critic. Her first novel, A Summer Birdcage, was published in 1963.

Ann Oakley is a writer and a sociologist. She has written both novels and many non-fiction books. She is best known for her work on sex and gender, housework, childbirth and feminist social science.

Angie Pegg is a novelist two novels and  proud to call herself a feminist, having been influenced by many great women, including Simone de Beauvoir.

Imogen Sutton is an award-winning film producer and director. Whose documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4 include Daughters of de Beauvoir (with associated book).

Full panel details can be viewed here >


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