The Black Women’s Project — Information Day
Two young Black women with big afro hair lie on the floor. A text overlay reads 'The Black Women's Project — Information Day'

Join us on Monday, 11 September, 2023, to learn more about the many activities on offer

The Black Women’s Project offers a focused mental health service that is specific to Black women of African, Caribbean or any Black-mixed heritage background. Black women have unique mental health and wellbeing needs, and we’re here to support them. Our information day will explore all the activities on offer through the Black Women’s Project, including workshops, psychoeducation, and group therapy! We are set to relaunch these services this October during Black History Month, 2023.

Date: Monday, September 18th, 2023

Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm

Location: The Maya Centre

For queries, contact or telephone us at 0207 281 8970

On the importance of such a space for Black women, Esé Agambi, a Black women’s project co-lead, says, ‘As Black women, we face a jumble of homogenous expectations that inhibit our individuality and negate our unique experiences. It’s important to push against this.’ Indeed, we promise to provide a psychologically safe environment for our Black female clients to not only survive but thrive. Black women’s project co-lead Fiona Reynolds shares why this is significant, saying, ‘Psychological safety allows Black women to feel at ease examining their deepest and most earnest thoughts without external pressure to conform.’

In the run-up to Black History Month, it’s especially important that we hear from Black women in our network who will help shape the types of activities we offer — your insight is invaluable to us. Please register your interest via our Eventbrite, and we’ll see you on Monday! 👋🏾