Happy International Women’s Day – Donate to The Maya Centre Today and Double Your Impact

This International Women’s Day, support a charity that delivers free, holistic, professional therapy to minoritised women.

For a week today, we’ll be fundraising with The Big Give to continue our vital work – offering free, accessible and longer-term therapy to women in our community. Check out Emma Brech, our CEO and Melanie Dottin, our Clinical Director, discuss the campaign in the video below.

We’re aiming to raise £25,000, reaching 50 more women who may have experienced anything from depression and anxiety through to abuse, sexual exploitation, racism and violence – prioritising those who might not normally access mental health support due to significant, multiple barriers.

We’re joining the Big Give’s Women and Girls Match Fund 2022, which means that every donation made to The Maya Centre via The Big Give will be doubled by the platform.

This means that you can give one donation, with twice the impact!

Kicking off today with International Women’s Day, until midday on the 15th March, why not support The Maya Centre by donating and see your generosity go even further?

What your donation will fund:

We’re asking you to help us reach more women who’ve been hidden by a silencing society.

With your assistance, we will:

  • Ensure 50 new women will be able to attend longer term, free, one-to-one counselling. Struggles with mental health usually don’t begin and end within a few short weeks, so why should therapy?
  • Extend our psycho-education workshops to more minoritised women, creating safe, community spaces where they can discuss and co-design their own ideas about good women’s mental health, wellbeing and self-care.

Why we need your help:

Violence against Women and Girls is at an all-time high in the UK as a result of Covid-19 and 53% more women have approached us for help with their mental health in the last 6 months. Many women are afraid to talk about their experiences and need culturally sensitive, trusted support to open up: recovery is often not possible in 6 or even 12 weeks of counselling.

We need to fight for all women to be able to access high quality, longer term therapy, regardless of their income or background. We need to fight for women from diverse language, racial and cultural communities to find spaces where they see themselves represented and get support that feels right for them.

How it works:

Between midday today and before midday 15th March, click on our Donate Button at the top of our page to go straight to our Big Give Campaign. You can also click here to be taken straight to the campaign.

No matter how big or small, your donation will be doubled – enabling us to double our impact for the women we serve.

If you’re not in the position to donate at the moment – you can still help!

Simply share this campaign on your social media, tagging @biggive and @mayacentre in your posts, or share it with 5 friends you think would love to see this campaign succeed.

Join us to #BreakTheBias and #MatchHerDream, ensuring that all women get the help they deserve this International Women’s Day.