Stress post-it-notes

Testimony by volunteer, Eira Richardson

For me, stress is something that builds up over time and affects the way I manage all situations, not only the one causing my stress. My stress is usually caused by a build-up of things I need to do. Throughout my life, I have coped with anxiety and a lack of self-belief, and stress increases these negatives which makes it difficult to efficiently concentrate on everything I need to do; I am often left feeling as though I have not done a good job.

To combat this, I try to write a list of what I need to do and prioritise it; I will organise my week so that I have time to complete everything, one thing at a time. I have found that if I know when I am going to get what done, my stress is significantly diminished.

We asked our service users to join the conversation about stress for Mental Health Awareness Week

Here are the answers to stress-related questions from our #HelloStress post-it-note wall at our centre.


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