Ella Janneh case statement

Trigger warning: rape

We stand with Ella Janneh.

Ella, who has waived her right to anonymity, has taken her case to the High Court, alleges she was raped during a therapy session.

Nina Ross, who is representing Ella Janneh in the High Court, said that the therapist assaulted Ella during a therapeutic session that she attended to overcome childhood sexual trauma.

The victim reported the rape straight away after the session but the case was dropped in 2018, demonstrating the systemic racism in the justice system.

The 57 year old white male therapist Michael Lousada said the activity was fully consensual and he was intending to heal her sexual trauma through the sex act.

However, due to the inherent power dynamic within a therapeutic relationship and the fact that the victim was seeking help for sexual trauma demonstrates an obscene abuse of power, yet the CPS have not pressed charges.

In addition, the reporting of this incident on mainstream news channels shows a photograph of the victim and is positioned in a way which shows a linked story of features about the sex industry, demonstrating reporting bias.